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What you get

We offer end-to-end services ranging from content creation and video production to cross-network, tailor-made distribution. 

global reach

Your content will reach audiences far and wide thanks to our extensive video production experience and capabilities across the US, LATAM, and EMEA regions. Got content for a specific territory in mind? Tell us which territories you’d like to target here.

Diverse Formats

We tailor your content for the best possible performance across devices, social platforms, and audiences. You choose whether advertisements appear right before viewers start your video or while they watch so you can maximize your budget and goals. Find out the best formats for your content by reaching out to us here. 

Strategic Placements
Placement is everything. Whether you want maximum reach across The Boxoffice Network’s entire audience, a specific channel, or an exact video, we’ll help you make sure your content is poised to connect with exactly who you want it to. 
Powerful Targeting

Harness the many targeting capabilities and connect your content with fans based on geography, demographics, scheduling, devices, and frequency. If you’re looking for extra powerful targeting capabilities, we can retarget audiences outside of our network.

Account management
While we’re all about fun when it comes to entertainment, we take our partners seriously. That’s why you get a dedicated Account Manager when you partner with The Boxoffice Network. Find out more about what it’s like to partner with us here. 

Meet the team

We're a group of content experts and creatives who live and breathe entertainment. We believe in its power to inspire and foster connections across the globe. 

Julien Marcel
Chief Executive Officer
Stan ruszkowski
President, Managing Director
Romeo Duchene
VP, Strategic Content Partnerships
Aurélien KIEVITCH 
Head of Distribution, Social Media Strategist
Patrick nizimbi M.
Head of Production, Motion Art Director
Marine SUttle
Chief Product Officer
Charles Biberson
Head of Finance & Operations
Romain Duvic
Project Manager, Social Media
Anthony Sorrells
Marketing Manager

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"The boxoffice network is using its 35 billion yearly views to sell tickets around the globe..."

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